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A dual-clutch transmission DCT sometimes referred to as a twin-clutch transmission or double-clutch transmission is essentially a type of automated manual transmission in automobilesclosely related to a manual transmission.

It uses two separate clutches [1] for odd and even gear sets. It can fundamentally be described as two separate manual transmissions with their respective clutches contained within one housing, and working as one unit. If we discount [ why? Porsche has been experimenting with DCT since After trying different designs they concluded with a final design tested from till and was first used in Porsche in DCT work continued from Porsche in-house development, for Audi and Porsche racing cars later in the s, [2] when computers to control the transmission became compact enough: the Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe English: dual-clutch gearbox PDK [2] used in the Porsche [2] and [2] Le Mans race cars from[2] and the Audi Sport Quattro S1.

A dual-clutch transmission eliminates the torque converter as used in conventional epicyclic-geared automatic transmissions.

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As of [update]the largest sales of DCTs in Western Europe are by various marques of the German Volkswagen Group[10] though this is anticipated to change as other transmission makers and vehicle manufacturers make DCTs available in series production automobiles. It is a dual-clutch automatic. In DCTs where the two clutches are arranged concentricallythe larger outer clutch drives the even-numbered gears and the smaller inner clutch drives the odd-numbered gears.

Dual-clutch transmissions use two fundamentally different types of clutches: either two wet multiplate clutches, bathed in oil for coolingor two dry single-plate clutches. Currently, three variations of clutch installation are used. The original design used a concentric arrangement, where both clutches shared the same plane when viewed perpendicularly from the transmission input shaft, along the same centre line as the engine crankshaft ; when viewed head-on along the length of the input shaft, this makes one clutch noticeably larger than the other.

The second implementation uses two single-plate dry clutches — side-by-side from the perpendicular view, but again sharing the centre line of the crankshaft. A later variation uses two separate but identically sized clutches. These are arranged side-by-side when viewed head-on along the length of the input shaft and crankshaft centre lineand also share the same plane when viewed perpendicularly.

This latter clutch arrangement unlike the other two variations is driven by a gear from the engine crankshaft.

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BorgWarner Inc. The company has produced various dual-clutch transmission modules beginning in The Nissan GT-R uses BorgWarner components, including the dual-clutch module, clutch-control, shift-actuation systems, and synchronizer assemblies.

Dual-clutch transmission

Eaton Corporation developed the first dual-clutch transmission for class trucks in North America - Procision. Magneti Marelli produces the control system, which integrates BorgWarner's hydraulic actuation module into its own power and transmission control units. The 7H AMT Transmission provides seven forward speeds with multiple usage of gears the electric drive can use unused gears from the combustion engine path : this aims to substantially reduce the complexity of the unit, as well as the package size and weight.

With use of electromechanical actuation, rather than electrohydraulic, the 6DCT transmission surpasses the conventional manual transmission in fuel consumption and CO 2 emission. The first application was the Renault Espace with a 1. The — Ford Fiesta and the — Focus with the Getrag DCT's are the subject of a class-action lawsuit and many individual lawsuits. Italian specialist Oerlikon Graziano was in the process of developing a wet-clutch DCT for original equipment manufacturer fitment into supercars.

Audi originally used the direct-shift gearbox name, but now uses the name "S tronic" for its DCTs. The first ever series production DCT was the Volkswagen Group DQ [10] six-speed dual-clutch transmission, [8] with dual concentric wet multiplate clutches. This unit has seven forward ratios, [9] but the notable difference over the original DQ is the change from wet to dry clutches. The DQ is again for use in transverse applications, but is intended for use in smaller cars, with smaller-displacement engines that generate relatively low torque outputs.

The name of the transmission is 7-speed LDF Dual Clutch "Doppia Frizione" with shift characteristics variable via Drive Select Mode and all-wheel drive with electrohydraulic multiplate clutch. The three modes are strada, sport, and corsa, each with faster shifts. Launch control raises the rotation speed to rpm before dropping the clutch.Manual transmissions offer the best mechanical efficiency at lowest cost amongst all technologies. Manual transmissions continue to play an important role in the automotive industry.

They offer a robust and flexible design at lowest cost and weight and highest CO 2 efficiency. All new modular manual transmission family that delivers best-in-class torque density, shift quality and fuel efficiency.

All new 6-speed manual transmission with benchmark shift quality and best torque density in its segment. Highly modular and scalable lightweight inline manual transmission with best-in-class torque density and excellent shift quality. The boosted manual transmission 6BMT concept offers specific advantages for mid-size powertrains as a cost efficient option to create mild hybrid variants based on a 48 V electric system.

The automotive market requires different levels of e-drives to cover global demands. Our systems provide high fuel efficiency, driving satisfaction and safety.

New single-speed transmission architecture for electrified vehicles in the Light Commercial Vehicle segment. Designed with compact transmission package for total GVM up to 4. Manual park lock system integrated. Manual Transmission. Hybrid Transmissions. Product Range. MTs with best-in-class shiftability and torque density Modular shift automation with premium shift quality for HV hybrid transmissions Hybrid transmissions offer full support of autonomous drive features.

MTs offer best value-for-money for cost sensitive markets, entry level cars and LCVs Modular manual hybrid architectures deliver most cost efficient CO 2 benefits Best value-for-money shift automation.

Manual Hybrid Transmissions. For details please contact us. Electric Drive Units The automotive market requires different levels of e-drives to cover global demands.The powertrain of the future needs to be environmentally friendly while maintaining vehicle dynamics and supporting active safety.

Through global collaboration, our engineers know the automotive market and the trends that drive it. Focusing increasingly on electrification, hybrid technology, and lightweight concepts, we drive advancements for CO 2 emissions reductions forward.

getrag dct

To further minimize the energy footprint, our teams combine sustainable technologies with cutting-edge methods during the manufacturing and assembly process.

With innovative vehicle systems and consequent vehicle safety and dynamics, making sure drivers and passengers arrive at home safely and have fun getting there. Magna technology travels millions of miles each day.

Imagine how far a career here could take you.

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Transform your career at Magna. View current career opportunities. View Certificates, Reports and Policies. Magna Powertrain Made by Magna. About Magna Powertrain The powertrain of the future needs to be environmentally friendly while maintaining vehicle dynamics and supporting active safety. Career Opportunities Magna technology travels millions of miles each day. Big Beaver Rd. Powertrain Electrification. Engineering Services. Engineering Software Tools.

Get in touch Interested in learning more about our products? Contact Us Now.It ensures optimal gearshift, provides more dynamic acceleration and reduces fuel consumption. It is capable of reaching 9, RPM without interference to the tractive forces like power and traction. It allows the driver to choose and customize between different automatic or manual shift modes. It allows the driver to shift manually or automatically:.

Settings can vary depending on the driving and the rev speed when each gear is activated. The drivetrain is a collection of parts including the transmission, the driveshaft, the axels, and the wheels. It was originally developed in Motorsports where two separate drivetrains, each with its own clutch, continuously transfer engine power to the rear wheels. In the BMW drivetrain system, one of the drivetrains is set for the even gears 2,4,6 while the other drivetrain is set for the odd gears 1,3,5,7.

For example, when changing gears from the second to the third gear, the third gear would first be engaged in the inactive drivetrain. So, when disengaged from the second gear by switching up, the third gear is already next in position. By overlapping the clutch and declutch, the transmission of power remains uninterrupted.

The entire gear changing process happens within a matter of milliseconds where each upshift in gear increases the speed at a steady rate. High thermal heat loads typically develop in the drivetrain in a high-performance sports car. The engine oil is kept within the optimum temperature range. Instead, an additional oil and air cooler are installed to help avoid excessively high temperatures inside the M Double-Clutch Transmission.

The drivetrain clutches are controlled by an integrated hydraulic module. Dry sump lubrication guarantees reliability and maintenance-free function throughout the life of the car. Dry sump lubrication is the lubricating motor oil management method that increases oil capacity located in a remote reservoir. Basically, the oil is stored off of the engine and not in the oil pan.

It helps to increase the engine reliability from the consistent oil pressure. The dry sump allows the engine to be positioned much lower in the chassis, thus increasing the horsepower and cooler oil.

Based on the regulated Launch Control setting, the M DCT provides two additional functions to aid in the safety of the vehicle. This automatic DCT includes two drivetrains, one for the even gears and the other for the odd gears. Just like how the M DCT works, the switching of gears happens in a matter of milliseconds when the driver needs fast acceleration. It allows the driver to shift manually or automatically: Paddle Shifters on the steering wheel The Shift Lever Automatic Mode for dynamic comfort when you are in Drive D mode.

Examples of the M DCT with DriveLogic drive settings: D1 setting: The driver can pull off in second gear, and the clutch becomes very light D5 setting: Allows the driver to achieve the highest acceleration. The vehicle only changes to a higher gear just before the engine reaches the maximum numbers of revolution S mode: The sportiest setting.

The dynamic clutch control creates a direct traction with the manual transmission for dynamic driving styles S6 mode: This is the Launch Control function in the manual transmission under the DriveLogic setting. It allows the vehicle to pull off at maximum speed from a standing stop while adjusting the starting rotary speed when the driver presses on the gas. Drivetrain Gear Change In the BMW drivetrain system, one of the drivetrains is set for the even gears 2,4,6 while the other drivetrain is set for the odd gears 1,3,5,7.

Drivetrain Cooling High thermal heat loads typically develop in the drivetrain in a high-performance sports car. Stability Clutch Control: When the car is understeering, the Stability Clutch Control will open the clutch and transfer weight to bring the car back in line Low Speed Assistant: The M DCT allows the car to accelerate at a slow, snail speed when the driver taps on the gas pedal.

Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Disclaimer: bmwux. All information, tools, products, and services are presented without warranty. Disclosure: bmwux.View My Garage. This transmission was previously offered in the Fiesta betweenand is also offered in the EcoSport since Given the likelihood of this transmission becoming more popular on our roads, I've put together this thread to discuss how this particular model of transmission works.

It is a type of transmission that has two clutches to drive separate gears. Each clutch drives a separate set of gears, with one clutch serving the odd-numbered gears and another the even-numbered gears.

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When one clutch is engaged and driving the car on one gear, the gearbox can select the next gear one higher or one lower on the other clutch, but with that clutch disengaged. At the appropriate RPM, that clutch is engaged and the other one is disengaged, resulting in a gear change. These transmissions blend good old gearbox mechanicals with electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic actuators, electrical motors, and control electronics.

The control electronics has software that assesses various input and initiates gear changes.

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This is manufactured by Getrag who refer to it as their 6DCT model. Given below are the specifications: Although we use the generic terms transmission and gearbox, technically this is what is known as a transversely mounted transaxle. Most modern cars that have a front-wheel drive configuration have a transversely mounted engine and transmission.

This increases efficiency. Filled with oil and sealed for life 10 years orkms - it does not require periodic maintenance. Benefits Quicker gear shifts and lower transmission losses Electro-mechanical actuators removes the need for hydraulic lines Dry clutch does not require cooling lines Drawbacks Shift logic can be confused by driver input, resulting in slow gear changes Complexity, can lead to problems and difficulty in repairs Manufacturers are shifting away from dry clutch gearboxes to wet clutches due to improved reliability and thermal constraints even in low torque applications which was the domain of dry clutches.

For example, Getrag's newer 6DCT gearbox is a wet-clutch setup despite a lower torque rating. The following 69 BHPians Thank arunphilip for this useful post:. Narayanvb-sanVidvikredvinayrathorevirtualdangerWhiplash7wilfulwitwiky. Components of the DCT. Components of the DCT As mentioned previously, a DCT mechanically consists of 2 manual transmissions that interact very smartly through the use of electricals and electronics. This gearbox combines standard gearbox mechanicals, electro-mechanical actuators and control electronics.

We'll now take a run through schematics that help build up these components into the overall gearbox. These schematics are meant to illustrate the concept and are not accurate in terms of dimensions - so please excuse any oddities e. Dual Clutches and Dual Input Shafts Firstly, we look at the torque input side, namely the dual clutches, and the shafts they are connected to.

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There are 2 input shafts, one of which is hollow blue and the other is solid yellow and sits coaxially within the hollow shaft. The inner shaft yellow has fixed gears for gears 1, 3 and 5; while the outer shaft blue has fixed gears for 2, 4, 6 and reverse.

Note that this shaft has only 2 physical gears, each of which are used for 2 gear positions. Each of these shafts are connected to a clutch via splines on the outside of the shaft. This arrangement allows for compact packaging of both clutches. Unlike other clutches seen in manual transmissions, in the normal resting state the clutch is held open by springs i. The transmission electronics ensures that only one clutch is closed at any time. Contrary to initial thoughts, these don't carry gears corresponding to the input shafts.

Instead, the gears they carry are determined by the order of the selector forks. The gears on the output shafts are not fixed, but are free-wheeling.

getrag dct

Like a manual transmission, they are equipped with synchronizers to match speeds and lock the gears. Gears 1, 3,4, 5, 6 and reverse are equipped with a single synchronizer, while gear 2 is double synchronized. The second gear is coupled to the reverse gear on the same shaft although both can free-wheel when not engaged, they do so together.

Note that the orange reverse gears on both output shafts are engaged directly with one-another.

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However, they do not engage with either the yellow or blue input shafts.Designed as the sole transmission for the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Featuring dual clutches that engage and release in perfect computer-controlled synchronization, the TR DCT can transition from gear to gear in less than milliseconds without interrupting torque, allowing for comfortable and efficient touring and no-compromise performance shifts.

Designed for the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, the 8-speed dual clutch transmission provides extreme performance with either a fixed-bias mechanical limited slip differential mLSD or an electro-hydraulically controlled limited slip differential eLSD with active selection of the locking ratio. The DCT is controlled with a high-performance, bit transmission control unit. All systems - including hardware to control systems and software - were internally developed for maximum performance without compromise.

The wide ratio transmission provides a low 1st gear ratio for exciting launch acceleration, and a tall 8th gear creates a quiet and comfortable highway cruising experience. Toggle navigation.

Designed as the sole transmission for the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Featuring dual clutches that engage and release in perfect computer-controlled synchronization, the TR DCT can transition from gear to gear in less than milliseconds without interrupting torque, allowing for comfortable and efficient touring and no-compromise performance shifts.

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