Telstra smart modem gen 2 power consumption

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Telstra smart modem gen 2 power consumption

NOTE: This guide is probably not going to be updated and it will remain here as an archive. Steve's Blog. Handy info for checking what's running in your modem What's that System Extras tab and what can I do in there?

I want to factory reset I'm selling this modem, how do I securely wipe all the config? It has The newer verstions of this device are the TG "Telstra Gateway Max 2" and DJN "Telstra Gateway Frontier", which most of the following will also apply to, if the device has a firmware version low enough, or which it can still be downgraded to. They are provided directly to Telstra — and as such, has Telstra branded firmware. That was the motivation to get into this device and re-enable as many features as possible.

By default, the IP address of the modem will be This guide is the "new version" which uses the flashing tool developed by Mark Smith as well as the input from the Whirlpool community to enable as many features as possible.

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To use this guide you must be on firmware Make sure you can run this tool and load the GUI up before you go offline! The v A SSH client. A copy of this web page for reference while you're offline. A 'happy' modem! If it's in bridge mode or half the tiles are missing on the screen which seems to be caused by corrupted configfactory reset it first. The basic steps to getting root access to firmware v This will take about minutes.

The flasher will try and root your modem but it will fail silently - this is expected. If the flash fails to push the firmware in, try again is the username and password correct?

Kogan Internet Wireless-AC NBN-Ready ADSL2+/VDSL Modem & Router

Maybe a PXE firmware load can help but you require good luck at this point. Ask for help in the whirlpool thread! Note that firmware before v At this point we are ready to do the procedure to activate root on This procedure works by allowing us to mod the inactive but newer image's file system and config, then switch back to it without doing a factory reset or official upgrade.

Note that if you factory reset while on Fire up your SSH client and connect to the modem on port Have a look at your current modem state. They are digital-signature verified before boot so you can't edit the rom image in the flash. When a proper factory reset is done, the overlay partition is formatted but not securely wiped - see section later.

Run the following to set Setting up firmware vThis is an issue that is causing a lot of disagreement in my household.

telstra smart modem gen 2 power consumption

Does it matter if it is on at all hours? My brother thinks it needs to be turned off at the power point every night but others think it doesn't need to. It might seem like a silly question but I need an answer so I can put this issue to rest.

telstra smart modem gen 2 power consumption

Any help is welcome. If you want to save the planet turn off the router though the power consumption is negligible, really, if you do this with every appliance in the house I guess the savings mount up. Most people leave them on because one wants access instantly without fumbling around with power switches. There's also a school of thought that says devices last longer if they are not subject to the trauma of being turned on too frequently.

Personally I leave mine running, turn it off maybe once or twice a month just to let it refresh itself. So to give a personal definative answer, no I wouldn't be turning it off everytime I finished with it or every night.

But if you want to keep everyone happy, you could get a small timer for that powerpoint and set it to drop power. I previously had NBN is 6 months away. Can I turn off my NBN router at night? Either at the power or using the off switch.

Will it damage t My router at home has started to turn off about every 15 minutes for about 5 minutes before turning CrowdSupport Home. Telstra Plus. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. This thread is now archived and closed to new comments. Some of the links and information provided in this thread may no longer be available or relevant.

If you have a question please post a new topic. April How often do you need to turn the router off? Share Facebook Twitter Email Permalink. You must be signed in to add attachments.

Telstra takes on energy utilities with home solar and storage plan

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.It seems that after being with Telstra for over 2 years even if you sign up for another 2 years you are left with an old modem and poorer service. Has anyone had any luck in upgrading their modem?

If so how? Go to Solution. View solution in original post. Need help? Order online today Get help with any Tech at Home with Telstra Platinum Don't forget to tag answers as Accepted Solutions and give a Like to the member s who helped you out. All moderation actions are supported by the CrowdSupport Community Guidelines. The whole box works g We ordered our modem in early April and have not received any clarification as to when our modem is CrowdSupport Home.

Telstra Plus. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. This thread is now archived and closed to new comments. Some of the links and information provided in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. If you have a question please post a new topic.

July Share Facebook Twitter Email Permalink. You must be signed in to add attachments. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Accepted Solutions. In response to mjowen The link below has information about purchasing the modem outright. Reply LoadingDeveloping successful client relationships. A team of specialist designers and engineers.

telstra smart modem gen 2 power consumption

Offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Exporting local design expertise to the world. Recognised for design excellence internationally. Most of the products we develop are produced. The relationship went for over 20 years, in that time we designed and developed over 75 products from concept into production. Inventia have spent years developing 3D bioprinting technology. That expertise is at the core of the Rastrum printer, a device that has the potential to revolutionise biomedical research and regenerative medicine.

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Telstra’s Smart Wi-Fi Booster guarantees wall-to-wall broadband coverage

We helped Australian startup CliniCloud develop this smart-phone enabled, wireless non-contact thermometer and digital stethoscope.

Customers can use the devices to track and record their stethoscope and temperature readings, or transmit them to a doctor in the course of a video visit via Doctor-on-Demand.

The complete package. The CliniCloud non-contact thermometer scans temperature via the superficial temporal artery on the forehead. It has the benefit of being able to capture the temperature of a sleeping child without waking them. The stethoscope uses a cord in the headphone jack rather than a Bluetooth connection to ensure high-quality lossless audio. Empowering self-directed care anywhere. The compact design of the device allows one-handed operation, with practitioners able to view high-resolution images on the units built-in touch screen.

When Signos was released, it disrupted the global market.We hate the fact that the national broadband network shows no signs of coming to our neighbourhood, and that the phone lines to our offices have been crippled by over-sharing, meaning we have no way of signing up to our favourite ISPs and have been forced to use Telstra's BigPond Cable service instead.

Telstra Gateway Frontier is a bit dull looking, so it's best to surround it by strange oddments that make you look a bit arty and intelligent. Anthony Evans. We sort of love the download speed of Telstra BigPond Cable it could be much better, but it is perfectly adequate most of the timebut we hate hate hate its upload speed. We hate the fact that the Telstra BigPond Cable upload speed is so slow, some of the Internet of Things IoT devices in our offices, such as our doorbell, either barely function or don't function at all.

We hate the way the Telstra BigPond Cable service can't be used for sharing large files or, often, any files at all with friends and relatives, it's so slow. And we hate the way that remotely logging into our Labs' servers often fails, with the connection timing out before a connection can be established, due to the Telstra BigPond Cable connection being so slow. As I'll get into in a moment, even some of the tests we conducted for this review failed completely, so slow is the Telstra BigPond Cable upload speed.


But these past two weeks, we've been reviewing Telstra's Gateway Frontier device, and for the first time ever, we no longer hate our BigPond Cable connection.

It's part of Telstra's "Network " strategy, under which it's beginning to offer products and services that combine Telstra's fixed-line business and its mobile business into the one offering. Used according to the instructions, the Gateway Frontier device is mildly interesting.

It could be a big deal for anyone with an unusually unreliable broadband connection, but for most people it's something that's nice to have for peace of mind, that won't make a scrap of difference most of the time. Used off label, however, for purposes that Telstra either never intended or intended but doesn't like to advertise, the Gateway Frontier is another matter.

It's interesting to the point of being compelling, and under the right circumstances it could make it worth your while switching to BigPond — words we never thought we would ever utter, so desperate have we been to get off BigPond all these years. The official usage is pretty straightforward. Everything about your service will be pretty much the same, until the moment your fixed broadband connection fails, at which time the 4G mobile data connection kicks in, giving you a connection that's limited to 6 megabits per second download and 2 mbps upload, until such time as the fixed connection comes back up again.

The switch to the mobile data connection isn't completely seamless — you will have to restart any Netflix or Stan movies you were in the middle of watching, for instance, because your network's WAN address will have changed — but it does happen almost instantly, meaning you'll never be without an internet service again. But here's the trick. Telstra doesn't ping its own network to check that your fixed broadband connection is down.

As far as we can tell and we've been testing this for more than a week nowthe Gateway Frontier simply checks to see if it itself has a broadband connection. The moment you unplug your cable or DSL connection from the back of the Gateway Frontier, it assumes your broadband connection is down, and the 4G kicks in, even if your broadband connection is still working perfectly.

We did approach Telstra, hoping to find out whether that would constitute a breach of the fair use policy for the service and we suspect it wouldand whether usage on the 4G network will be deducted from the main internet account we can't really tell from our testsbut the company didn't respond to our request to speak to someone in charge.Telstra hires Powershop boss Ben Burge to lead new team focusing on solar and battery storage, and how to take on traditional energy utilities by offering home energy services as part of a data and phone bundled package.

Australian telecommunications giant Telstra plans to accelerate the rollout of solar and battery storage technologies, and is looking to offer home energy services to millions of consumers in the first sign it will take on the major energy utilities. Telstra has established a dedicated project team to be led by Ben Burge, the feisty CEO of Powershop and Meridian Energy Australia, which has made major inroads into the Australian energy oligopolyand which has been a keen proponent of wireless technology and smart-phone apps.

Analysts have predicted for several years now that the traditional energy industry would come under attack from new players such as telcos, and IT giants such as Google. And, he says, telcos such as Telstra are better at consumer service than energy utilities, which will struggle to maintain their right to survive.

Energy utilities have traditionally had poor contact with consumers — as highlighted by the most recent survey, why Australians hate their energy utilities more than most — and there is a view among telcos that younger people would prefer to have one provider for all services — and to connect with them through the smart phone. In hiring Burge, Telstra have also chosen someone with a deep knowledge of the industry, prepared to use software and social media, and someone who is not intimated by the power of the incumbents.

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Telstra is a heavy energy user but has already invested heavily in solar, and battery storage. In fact, it was a pioneer of battery storage technology, using it for its remote telecommunications network. Telstra uses solar and storage on thousands of its rural and regional exchange buildings- mostly off grid — but has recently started to install solar on city-based facilities.

Init installed a 12kW system at its Greensborough and Oakleigh exchanges in Melbourne, and last month installed 30kW systems at its Deer Park and Lyndhurst exchange buildings in Victoria.

All the solar on these buildings will be consumed on site, reducing grid consumption by 10 per cent. Telstra last year claims a 27 per cent reduction in emissions intensity per terabyte of data. The company has also done some pilots with fuel cells.

TechKnow: Smart power plugs from Elgato and Telstra

Giles has been a journalist for 35 years and is a former business and deputy editor of the Australian Financial Review. Perhaps their doing it on account that many punters might confuse teLstra with Tesla. I can imagine the call centres will be tearing their hair out.

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Yes but is one kind of Big Company bad service any better than another? It will be good to get Telstra, Google etc along to take some of the hits and the Utilities can get out of the headlines and get back to business.

Death of utilities greatly exaggerated etc, etc…. Telstra is well known for the parasitic charachter of its business model. It should fit in well with the power retailers. It will be interesting for Telstra to find themselves beholden to the wholesalers in this instance, as wholesale is the role they should have stepped back into once Singtel and others appeared in the Australian market.

We would have a far better telecomms market, had that happened over a decade ago. Telstra will be a leader in the shift of small and large business to renewable energy.

This will include, eventually the electric cars and their integration into the major power infrastructure. After blocking every innovator and forward thinker for at least 20 years, finally, the most unworthy gets the position.

Junk total junk. They block progress when it suits their profits, they allow progress when it suits their profits. Power the home, power the car, power the camping trip. Charge at home, charge at work, charge at the shops or at the servo. Elon Musk is a smart guy, but I wonder if this powerful concept has dawned on him? Maybe we should send him an email. One battery, two uses.This is a loss of w in the power supply.

This means I have a watt heater running in the corner of the room. Also by my calculations the power supply is. It seems your calculation indicates that Netgear purchased over-specced power supplies, as some people would leave them on continuously, and Netgear are being very conservative. I have one in my right hand that has been on since 5. Hi thanks for the quick response. My question was relating to the apparently massive running costs of the Telstra Air Modem.

I have not actually connected the power supply or modem at this point, mainly because I was concerned over the expensive running costs. It may not get hot but the apparent w of wasted energy must go somewhere. It just seems very expensive. My experience in electronics also Displays my age having during my first training year observed the lunar landing at OTC Paddington Terminal. CrowdSupport Home. Telstra Plus.

telstra smart modem gen 2 power consumption

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. This thread is now archived and closed to new comments. Some of the links and information provided in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. If you have a question please post a new topic. LuckyCountry Level 1: Cadet. March Share Facebook Twitter Email Permalink. You must be signed in to add attachments.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Was this helpful? Yes it was, thank you No, I still need help. ProfessorPhone Level Superhero. In response to LuckyCountry.


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